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Welcome to Tabletop Scenics website!

Three years since we started, we are still ready to pursue even more challenging goals, expanding our base of operations and welcoming new team members. 

Since we started our venture in the October 2017, we wanted to make a central base of our operations. Here you will find up-to-date news, articles, videos  and other hobby content prepared by our crew – for you.
We work closely with Kromlech – our mother company and friends – to improve and design the very best products on the market. With every review, words of support and page activity we are growing – and with us, our product lines.
We've planned lots of new material for the future – new product lines, accessories, contests – to give you a chance to expand your hobby and have fun with us.
If there's anything you want to suggest us, leave a thought on our page or feel free to write at support@kromlech.eu. 

Tabletop Scenics is formed by hobby maestros and maniacs who work days, and even nights, tirelessly to bring you visionary content to fuel your imagination. Our crew is composed of designers, miniatures painters and modelers, marketing and logistics specialists.

Tabletop Scenics team works both in Kromlech HQ and off-site, operating to bring the best results for tabletops all over the world. The trio of our creators – founding members - gathers the entire family and coordinates whole project.

Lead Designer
Every structure concept has to go through Piotr – chief designer and tabletop master. The tireless work he puts into the projects resulted in the birth of Tabletop Scenics – making highly detailed terrain and intricate structures.
Fun fact: if you have a mountain nearby, there's a great chance he WILL climb it.

Project Manager/Art Director
Hailing from event support management, Jeremi has taken a role of a director of this project, taking care of every visual aspect and guiding the entire team. More than often, he will have a ton of post-it cards, one coffee mug and two calendars on his desk. And that's only part of his desk.

Logistics specialist
Grown up in the family of Kromlech, Zuza has volunteered and taken the role of logistics specialist in Tabletop Scenics. Supervising shipping, supplies and packing of products, she is keeping whole crew's feet on the ground.





We always want to be associated with the high-level quality of products. Therefore once we seek a partner for cooperation, we want only the best specialists, companies and devices to work with. All laser-cut products, ranging from the terrain to gaming accessories, are made on Trotec devices - top-of-the-line engraving systems, which raise the bar of quality in industry each year.
Trotec provides us with new machines each year, ensuring that quality of products will stay the same for years and supervising the quality of our production process. Whichever of our laser-cut products you receive, you can be sure they will have amazing details and will be made with greatest attention to detail and first-class quality of workmanship.

Whether you are new to the hobby or a skilled veteran, feel free to ask us any questions you may have - both regarding our products and work. We really like to share (unless we are asked about new product line - the answer is "when its ready!”) our ideas and projects.
Thank you for being with us!

- Tabletop Scenics Team

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