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Frostgrave Product Focus - Stepped Pyramid


The pyramid structure looms over the courtyard of the great temple complex.
The mystery behind it is yet to be unveiled, the treasures hidden inside may still be untouched.
The stone slabs covered with smears of frozen blood send chills down your spine.
And those gargoyles... do their eyes follow you around?

One of the Frostgrave Second Edition scenario-specific terrain sets. It′s designed for The Right Hand and the Left Hand scenario, new to the second edition of the game, where the wizards and their warbands try to get the treasure hidden on top of a strange pyramidical structure, guarded by a strange sorcery.

The Stepped Pyramid kit consist of three storey pyramid decorated with eight gargoyle statues.
The top floor measure 11 cm x 11 cm, so there is plenty of space for both treasures and figures to fight for them.

The Stepped Pyramid kit is one of the easiest and fastest to assemble from our Frostgrave line and can be painted effortless thanks to the definite stone slab texture that is perfect for drybrushing.

If you want enough terrain for The Right Hand and the Left Hand scenario, just combine the Stepped Pyramid and the Town Ruins kits to fill the 2′ x 2′ table with the Frostgrave themed scenery or with the Sacred Temple set if you want to be faithful to the scenario description and battle in a temple district of the Frozen City.

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