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Frostgrave Product Focus - Living Museum


This ancient and renowned museum lures wizards with the promise of great wealth, arcane knowledge and forgotten relics. The fell winter destroyed most of the building and many of its treasures, but the great hall still stands. Many of its exhibits, however, are hostile towards unexpected visitors.

One of the Frostgrave Second Edition scenario-specific terrain sets. It′s designed for The Living Museum scenario known from the previous edition of the game, where the wizards and their warbands venture into the ruins of an ancient gallery and fight the living statues guarding its priceless exhibits.

The Living Museum kit consist of four sections of a ruined building with an impressive staircase and balconies, two small wall sections, a set of five painting frames and six plinths to use as a base for the living statue miniatures.

When put tightly together the four sections of the Living Museum offer more than 1′ x 1′ of playing area. But thanks to the puzzle-style floor system they also look great when put away from each other, this way giving you an impression of a much larger building.

The staircase and balconies are a great places to put treasure tokens - hard to reach areas forcing you to find a creative ways to reach there.
Will you use a magic spell to get up there or just send the most nimble soldier able to climb all the way up?
It is also a perfect sniping spot for your archers!

The two small wall sections allow you to divide the great hall into a smaller areas and offer cover for your troops.

The painting frames hanged from the walls here and there give a lot to the atmosphere of the Museum. We recommend simply printing some pictures on regular paper, then tearing them a little and wetting them with the brown wash acrylic paint to get them a damp and dirty look before gluing them into the frames.

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