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20% discount - available now!


Social Media Celebration

Over 5000. Woah - we wouldn′t dare to think we would reach that number on Facebook in less than two years!

So we′ve got something to celebrate about. How about combining it with other, fantastic offers?

Bundle Deals

Deals that are on 10% discount already - and add to it a 20% discount to make a whooping decrease in prize!

All our series feature a number of sets on 10% discount - you can check them in appropriate categories or search by tapping ′bundle′ in search bar.

Mechanicum DYI

What makes the Mechanicum terrain line awesome is the ton of possibilities hidden in smaller kits. All our structures in Industrial Sector follow same assembly mechanisms - with which you are able to create rooftop-high structures, full of pipes, bridges and various walls. Making skirmish terrain for grimdark future has never been easier!

Within the Mechaincum: Industrial Sector are also upgrade sprues to modify other existing series. Various signs, crates and containers can serve in Hive Cities as parts of trading posts or looted by Orcs, lying in Orkenburg alleways...

Veteran Program / Free Shipping over 150

If you make your basket filled to the top (or even higher!) your package will be shipped for free! It may be very helpful if you happen to live far from Europe, as you probably imagine postage costs.

What is more, our veterans can enjoy the additional 5% discount, which makes the total discount even better!

In conclusion, you′ve got 24 hours to enjoy the decrease in prices - we can hope it will happen again soon as we hit another thousand of likes on our fanpage.

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