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Parks & Penances - April releases


Easter time!

We are not halfway through the year and we are already past dozen new releases! It′s a great time to make a Gothic city-themed board...
This time we are featuring even bigger structures to assembly - from Fountains to Penance Station!

Hive City Fountain

"A common sight for wealthy citizens, fountains can be found in parks and city squares. [...]"

Highly anticipated since its announcement, and we imagine why. Although there are many different takes on this subject, we wanted to make our version of grimdark fountain. And we got so excited, that we made this and even a larger version!

Hive City Street Clock

"[...]Street clocks are remnants of past ages - more likely seen in older Hive Cities. [...]"

Fitting more than one aesthetic, Hive City Street Clock is scheduled to arrive in the second week of the April.

Hive City Penance Station

"People who are not receiving capital punishment for things they did, are chained and closed behind iron bars [...]"

In the future, when prisons are overcrowded, and propagada speaks to you fro every corner, what would be a more fitting piece (besides Hive City Execution Site)? Cages in which you can close your miniatures of course!

Hive City Grand Fountain

"[...]For lowly citizens of forgotten parts of Hive City below, these structures are a part of the legends, enshrouding the life of nobles above."

Large piece, designed to fit five statues, its presence on the battlefield not only breathes atmoshpere, its also a great cover during a cityfight!

You can expect more Gothic Spires structures throught next months - which together will make a great table both for skirmish and epic scale battles.

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