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Next month - Orktober releases


In case you were living under the rock for past, like, six months - we will be celebrating a month of Orc madness!
Orktober, also known as a "Orksmess", "Best Goddamn Celebration of the Year", or "Green Tide of releases", is our annual celebration of all things Waaghsome and... you guessed it, green.
Today we are not going to cover all 15 pieces that are prepared for you - rather highlight some special features of this month.
In case you did not seen, here′s our trailer - which does not feature all of our releases, but gives a good glimpse at what′s to come on October 1st. Speaking of which...

There is no other option - Orktober starts, you receive it. All. On the first day.
We think that this could be the greatest feat of all that we have prepared. But we will let you decide on that...

Orktoberfest Bundle

Not only do we release new original pieces - there will be a bundle to grab! If you are an avid collector of all stuff Kromlech (or fell in love with Orcs immediately after seeing them!) you will be able to get all this stuff in one package.
The trick? It′s 10% cheaper than buying them all separately! Not only you are getting this stuff cheaper - it qualifies for free shipping too! This bundle will be only available this month, as it features a limited piece...

Orc Tigerwagon (only in Orktober!)

Ah, the famous Orc Tigerwagon. Creme de la creme of Orktober, comes with 9 weapon options, several hatch/turret options removable roof... the list goes on and on. This piece, out of all, is going to be only available Orktober and you won′t see it more in 2019.
If you were still wondering about getting it, remember there can be no more chance to get it!

Free CD

We are proud to say that we have become an official distributors and managers* for Gunz N′ Fungus band! Their latest single, titled "Green Tide"will be available this Orktober. How to get it? Just place an order with one of products from "Orktoberfest" category - we will add the CD for free. Now you can assemble Orc Rock Band and headbang to their music - how cool is that!

Limited Edition T-Shirt

Again in Kromlech′s history, we will have official merch! Gunz N′ Fungus Limited Edition T-Shirt is going to be available to order, as all other products, on October 1st - you will add it to order as per usual and choose your size. As it is made to order, we will ship it at the beginning of November, once all orders has been collected and printed.
And shipping of it free of charge - that′s how we roll!

But wait... there′s more!

You may not have heard that, but we will have a special weekend at the end of September. It′s connected to social media celebration, but we can′t spoil the beans here!
Follow us on our fanpage and join Official Community Group so you won′t miss any of it!

* - after paying lots, LOTS of teef in bribes

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