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Black Friday Schedule


We are less than week away from our biggest annual sale - and it?s better to come prepared. Entire stock will be on a 20% discount and that includes our bundles too... you sure don?t want to miss that! Especially with all the promo items and offers we are making this year.

This years? Black Friday is also one of last chances to grab your order before Christmas - and Logistics Team will do their best (actually, we are enlarging the crew to do so!) to make it happen. Taking all of this into account, that is going to be amazing end of November - and the beginning of December, as we are having this sale for five straight days.

So mark your calendars and write the beginning time - it?s going to be crazy!

We are officially starting on Thursday 28th, 6:00 GMT +0.

There are also other steps that you can do, to make sure you won?t forget!

If you haven?t maked webstore one of your favourites (OI, WHI IT?Z NOT DERE ALREADY?!) feel encouraged to do so! There have been a history of fans trying to type various sites - kromlech.com, bitzofwar.eu and such...
Well, there can be only one (sic!) and that is Bits of War official webstore - www.bitsofwar.com

We have two official channels, which voice our discounts & news - Kromlech and Tabletop Scenics fanpages. However, you can also join us on Instagram and Twitter too!
Links are here:

Kromlech Tabletop Scenics
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kromlech.eu/ https://www.facebook.com/TabletopScenics/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kromlech.eu/ https://www.instagram.com/tabletopscenics/
Twitter https://twitter.com/KromlechEU https://twitter.com/TScenics

And if you really feel like sharing your Kromlech models or want to ask a question to hundreds of fans throughout the world - join our official community group. People and c
rew there can help you in deciding on choosing the bits or measure the pieces you are interested in.
This way you won?t miss any important news too!

Truly that is a solution a Mech-Boss would recommend.
Easy n? simple.

See you soon with detailed description of discounts we prepare!

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