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Black Friday Guide


20% shopwide promo is on - but there is a number of other bargains that might catch your eye.

We wouldn?t be ourselves, if we didn?t make a special deal for you. What is more, we made three special offers!
Check out below how can you make your orders even more exciting with these promos

Let?s not stop the fun at Black Friday, shall we?
First 100 orders will receive an additional gift - the 10% discount to use with future orders! Normally, we award it mostly at tournaments & organized events, but this time we want to award your initiative and reflex. Bit of advice - prepare your carts and proceed to checkout as soon as the promo starts, to have a better chance of grabbing it!

It will come on HDF plaque, with an expiration date.

Type ?BF2019? in your order?s comment to get a free structure - Boss? Privy!
Designed by Tabletop Scenics studio, this atmospheric piece is one of kind... see for yourself:

Orcs may seem to be brutish creatures yet one would be wrong thinking that they do their business anywhere inside their encampments. The latrines play important role in orc ‘kultur’, serving as a source of vital ingredients for (depending on the diet of its users) breeding gnaw-beasts, making explosives, a nutriment for the goblin labourers and many other uses.

This small structure will be a sweet addition to each and every Orc tabletop terrain!

Among the webstore we have scattered voucher codes to get one of three promo products -there are 9 products which will have them in their description!
Once you write the code in your order?s comment section, our Logistics Team will add them to your order, nice an easy.

In what products we have scattered them? Well,t hat would be too easy, wouldn?t it? You got to find them on your own!

If you happen to find more than one of these , write down several codes in the order -and we will add all that you have listed!

This scavenger hunt will be active throughout the Black Friday, till 3rd of December, 6:00 am GMT +0

Have a great time shopping at www.bitsofwar.com!

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