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Tools are back!


Christmas is just around the corner -it?s better to suit up for the hobby season!
Worry not, for we have replenished the stocks of our accessories and tools - ready to head into winter hobby time.

That?s right - long awaited shipment is finally home and with it, our four types of cutting mats. They are composed of three layers, with two external having regenative aacapbilities - we are not kidding!
These durable layers protct your desk from modelling damage, while healing the cuts on their own (although, don?t try to slice it with Orc cleaver, it might little too much for it).
Both sides of the mat have measuring grid, both in centimeters and inches, helpful in hobby and work projects

We took your feedack concerning our hobby knife - the toughness of blade and ease of use, no. of blades provided.
Then we decided to step up a level. And upgrade it.
Now not only does our knife include a rubber handle - it?s more slim and feature more durable blades - five extra in every set! Moreover, we decided to give you an option to buy the blades separately, in packs of 10. Now it should last for an entire project and even more!

In addition, there is a new piece of wargear that has entered our store.

You may not know, but even some of our recent models are manually sculpted. The Boom Gnaws, Gunz n? Fungus... even Orc Jet Fighta! We asked these maestros at the Design Team about the tools they use. Besides the aforementioned knife, from between sheets of plasticard, bottles of thick glue and sleeping Goblin helpers, they managed to draw the ruler which has served them for years.
We snatched it, run and ordered whole packs of these - for you!


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