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Happy New Year!


If you have seen the reveal trailer for our 2020 releases already, you probably have a lot of questions about what you have actually seen in this kaleidoscope of models, structures and bits. We are not going to uncover all of our secrets right away, yet still we want to shed some light on a few stills from the trailer.

First of all, our biggest release of January, the Imperial Planetary Outpost, is the fifth terrain line from Tabletop Scenics. This is not a big secret anymore, since the first wave of 16 structures was revealed already on our website and is available in our webstore from the 3rd of January.

That′s a lot of goodies for the Imperial Guard, but we have more in the pipeline! The quad launcher will support your guardsmen forces lobbing volleys of high calibre shells from behind the Imperial Defense Line fortifications. That′s the way to celebrate the New Year Imperial style!

Having the Imperial Guard reveals covered, let′s look at the Space Legionaries. You can see our Dragonborn minis in glorious new painting in the trailer but what′s most interesting is the wide selection of new arms and weapons bits for the Prime sized Legionaries. They are designed to fit any chapter and you will be surprised how many weapon options will be available to choose from.

Can you hear the ominous stomps in the distance? Hold your breath for the Fallen Knights with all new weapon options and a completely new Fallen Knight armour. They are close and nothing can stop them. Brace yourself for the March of Chaos!

Now it′s time for some treats for our beloved Orc players. Here you can see the glimpse of our new orc mini design in progress. It is a revamp of one of our classic figures. We can′t wait to show it to you in all it′s orky glory, ′cause it′s freaky awesome!

That still piqued your interest the most. All we can say right now is that we are working on big and clunky things and that we want the next Orktober to be even better than the last one!

There is a lot of waiting for Orktober ahead of you, but the Tabletop Scenics team won′t let you wait so long for another batch of their new releases. Here′s a peek of another brand new terrain line from them - something easy to assemble and very playable for your tabletop battlefields.

Speaking of brand new terrain lines from Tabletop Scenics - there is another series coming soon! This one is something completely new for us on many levels and we can′t wait to tell you more about it - but we can not do it yet. Lets just say this summer will bring something really really cool!

Ok, that′s enough of mysteries for today. The last two stills shows something that we released on 2nd of January.
The first shows a wide range of new gaming tokens in three sizes and two color options available to buy individually, so you can assemble the set that suit your game the best. The second presents a new designs of our battle rulers that cover even more factions. They are all available in our webstore right now!

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