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Tabletop Scenics studio anniversary


The Tabletop Scenics studio is celebrating its third anniversary. During these three years the team have released over 150 terrain kits in 7 different series.
Thanks to the welcoming community the studio can push the boundaries of HDF terrain kits further, experiment with new materials and bring you the most impressive models!

Take a look on what Tabletop Scenics have released so far and be prepared for the newest range theme reveal!

Tabletop Scenics series

The Orc Junk City: Orkenburg is a series of ramshackle structures and vehicles made out of junk and a testament of our everlasting love for orcs and their colourful ′kultur′. Propa orky fortifications, workshops, tellyportas, stompy-walkers and much much more!

Browse the range here and take a look at the latest HUGE releases!

The Industrial Sector: Mechanicum range is designed as a modular system, with all the parts interchangeable between the kits, allowing you to create countless combinations of multi-level terrain to use on your tabletop. Instead of glueing everything together, you can assemble separate sections like floors, walls, stairs and bridges to obtain the modular system, versatile and easy to store.

Browse the range here.

The Gothic Spires: Hive City is a series of buildings and structures made to bring the grimdark imperial cities of a distant millennium to your tabletop and it consists of imposing gothic sacral buildings built from concrete and metal, large residential habs, factories and enforcer precincts, variety of propaganda and penance instruments and wide selection of supporting structures to decorate your cityscape with details like street lights and call booths.

Browse the range here.

Series made to match the Second World War 28 mm miniature games. Poland 1939 range was designed not only to be a beautiful piece of scenery for your battlefield, but also to take part in your games: all of the buildings have detachable roofs so you can fight within, with decorated interiors providing atmospheric experiences when playing inside.

Browse the range here.

Imperial Planetary Outpost is a series of bunkers, sentry towers, armoured walls and gates offers everything you need to build a defense line of permanent fortifications for your tabletop battlefields. The unique modular system allows to connect elements like bunkers and walls without the need of gluing the individual structures together, so you can easily put a different layout for every game. All of the buildings have detachable roofs to allow for an easier placing of models inside.

Browse the range here.

The Gaming Series is designed for quick and easy assemble and utilizes simple features essential in tabletop gaming with terrain pieces still looking amazing - with intricate details and unmatched depth of Tabletop Scenics HDF products. It is perfect for gaming clubs and tournaments.

Browse the range here.

The Frostgrave Second Edition Official Terrain series is designed to depict the ruins of Felstad - the ancient city ravaged by the magical blizzard - where the wizards and their warbands clash fighting for forgotten treasures. Made in cooperation with Osprey Games for the amazing skirmish battle game by Joseph A. McCullough.

Browse the range here.

Anniversary celebration!

To celebrate the third birthday we have a little treat for you. Three of our best selling kits in a discount price!
The promotion starts on Monday, October 19, and ends on Friday, October 23.

Orc Minelayer Craft was the biggest (literally!) surprise of the last years Orktober. This massive orc flying craft was the first HDF vehicle released by the studio and it is loved by the community!

Hive City Chapel, the first kit from the Gothic Spires: Hive City range, is the bestselling product from the series ever since. This relatively compact building is full of intricate detail and it perfectly portrays the nature of the grimdark future Empire of distant millennium.

Aquila Sentry Tower, part of the Imperial Planetary Outpost series, is loved by the players as the simple yet practical terrain piece and important part of the battlefield offering a vantage point for the infantry.

Eighth series in preparation!

The third anniversary is the perfect opportunity to announce the upcoming terrain series.
The new range logo will be revealed on social media and in the November edition of the official Bits of War newsletter.
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