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Product line focus: Orkenburg


What seems to be a giant scrapyard seen from a miles distance in the middle of wasteland is in fact a great orc city of Orkenburg, with its crude structures made of concrete and rusty metal.
Orcs are buzzing around barracks and quarters, eating and fighting in smack bars and bashing their heads to the deafening noise around the ′eavy metal stage, while goblin laborers work their socks off rising new totems or building buggies, aircraft and giant walkers in kustom workshops, landing pads and construction yards.
In the meantime, the mighty Warchief admires all the fuss from the top of his bastion ready to rally his klan behind the city walls for the next war campaign!

This series of ramshackle concrete and metal structures is a testament of our great love for orcs and their colourful ′kultur′.

The range features a wide selection of fortifications and towers, variety of totems and vital strategic points like Landing Pad, Troop Transmitta or Freak Tower. There′s also lots of support buildings to choose from if you want to give your orcs place to live, work, eat and spend their teef between the raiding expeditions.

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